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About Yangsan


  • 본문인쇄

City flag

City Symbol Mark

The Yangsan City flag symbolizes the spirit of the Yangsan people, who love the arts and have classy tastes, depicting an image of a forward-looking city, which, like the clean and beautiful magnolia, aims for a vibrant and hope-filled future in the 21st century. It also symbolizes the Yangsan people's vow to transform Yangsan into a major economic, social, and cultural center in the eastern inland region.

  • The central white ground, representing the initial letter of “Yangsan” (“Y”), depicts Yangsan as the transport hub of the eastern inland region connecting Gyeongbu Expressway and Namhae Expressway.
  • The blue color, representing the “S” in “Yangsan,” expresses the spiritual symbols of Yangsan, Yangsancheon Stream, and Nakdonggang River.
    The green color depicts the economic hub city of Yangsan, whose green and clean natural environment, culture, tourism, and industries blend well together.
  • The red color expresses the strong spirit of the Yangsan people looking forward to a hope-filled future.
  • The yellow color, symbolizing the future hope inspired by the sun, expresses the passion of the Yangsan people.

As a whole, the city flag symbolizes Yangsan's clean natural environment and the Yangsan people's spirit and march towards a hope-filled future, and depicts Yangsan as a vibrant, future-oriented city and as a transport, tourism, and culture hub.

City flower: Magnolia

City flower: Magnolia
  • Designation date : June 15, 1981
  • Distribution : Distributed across South Korea, including Jejudo; a Mongolian oak
  • Family name : Magnolia
  • Characteristics and Designation Reason
    • Magnolia blooms white flowers in mid-April before it sprouts leaves, and its fruits ripen in September to October.
    • The flower symbolizes the citizens' gentle and generous spirit; the green leaves symbolize the citizens' capacity for love; and the stems symbolize the citizens’ sense of unity and propensity to help one another.

City tree: Retusa fringe tree

	City tree: Retusa  fringe tree
  • Designation date : June 15, 1981
  • Distribution : Distributed mainly in Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-do, and Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do; a Mongolian oak
  • Family name : Ash tree
  • Characteristics and Designation Reason

    The tree’s skin is brown, and the flower is divided impressively. The white flower bursts into four parts in June, emitting fragrance. A rare species, the retusa fringe tree lives in Sangbuk-myeon, Yangsan and was designated as Natural Monument No. 234. The white flower symbolizes the Yangsan citizens, who are loved by everyone and are very genuine.

Yangsan characters: Yangi and Sani

Yangsan characters: Yangi and Sani
  • Designation date : February 14, 2005
  • Message
    • Yangsan City's characters, Yangi and Sani, symbolize the vision of the 21st-century hope-filled city Yangsan and the Yangsan citizens' big hearts and spirit of unity and harmony.
    • In addition, the shape of Yangi's head embraces the sky/sun image motif, and that of Sani's head embraces the earth/nature motif, symbolizing the bright and smiling male and female children of Yangsan, respectively, and expressing the enterprising and forward-looking image of Yangsan.
    • The future leaders of the 21st-century Yangsan, Yangi and Sani, vow to lead Yangsan to leap forward into a future filled with dreams and hope, where nature, culture, and education co-exist in harmony. Furthermore, Sani's “left thumb up” gesture pertains to Yangsan’s proud status as the largest transport and logistics hub in southern Gyengsangnam-do.

Brand slogan: Active Yangsan

Brand slogan: Active Yangsan
  • The personalized "Y" highlights humanism, embodies the petals of the eco-friendly city’s flower, magnolia, and projects Yangsan as a vibrant city where nature and humans can live together in harmony. The golden color symbolizes the true wisdom of the people and the refined city image; the blue color symbolizes the transparent, clean, and forward-looking city image; and the purple color expresses the elegant and attractive city image, highlighting an overall classy city image.
  • The unified typeface capital letter "A" of "Active" gives weight to Yangsan visually, and the "i" shines with stars, delivering a message of hope and dynamism.
  • The grey color, a global color that can be embraced by all, symbolizes Yangsan as a city that boldly invests in the future and that boasts a people imbued with a spirit of generosity.